1983 – 2003


In this period Rolling Stone belonged to Dolores and John „Robby“ Robinson. As they puchased her Rolling Stone must have been in a very bad condition (I remember that I once read this in a forum) and they paid attention in putting her back into shape. In 1985-86 they decied to have the whole interior professionally re-done.

Long time owners Robby & Dolores Robinson on board Rolling Stone, 2003 in Ardfern, Scotland

In 1988 Robby raced Rolling Stone in the Single-Handed TRANSPAC Race from San Francisco to Kauai (Hawaii) organized by the Single-Handed-Sailing-Society of San Francisco. That’s a nonstop trip of 2,225 nautical miles depending on the individual route you take. Shorter is not always faster. She finished in 13 days and 5 hours. Since 1992 Dolores and Robby have cruised her from San Francisco to Alaska, back to San Francisco and south to Panama, transiting the canal in ’95/’96.

In 1996 they sailed to Maine and Nova Scotia, on to Newfoundland in 1997 and back to New England in 1998/99, In the year 2000 Robby made it across the Atlantic Ocean to Scotland. Extensive maintenance work was done by the yard in Scotland to include re-painting of the deck, major repairs and refinishing of the house. In 2003 they both decided to sell Rolling Stone in Ardfern, Scotland – her home for 3 years. We unfortunately don’t have many pictures of the whole era.

Photo Credit: Robby Robinson & Hans Bernwall