Work Done

Diesel Tank & PEANUTS

After the (almost) disaster with clogged diesel filters last year the most important thing was to „open up“ the diesel tank and to clean it. Fact is, this tank was never inspected or cleaned in 40 years of serious operation and we expected the worst. As we saw later the tank was in a really pitiful condition. The missing of a cleaning hatch meant, that we had to „build“ one respectively two of them, because one anti-sloshing plate divided the tank in two compartments. „Building“ meant sawing and in our case we used a saber saw and that worked fine. A short survey of ready-made hatches was not satisfactory. The inner diameter seemed to be too small to guarantee good access to all areas of the tank. Therefore we decided to go for a custom-made solution made of 1.4404 (eqv. 316 L) with an I.D. of 190 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. Other work was of minor importance.

Shown below: cutting of two inspection (and cleaning) hatches for diesel tank, chemical and mechanical (yes, grinding) tank cleaning, mounting of hatches, filling of diesel tank, venting of fuel system, engine run-up test – FINISHED

Cabin lights retrofitted with LED technology  – white and red – FINISHED
Installation of re-built warm air outlet for furnace, new hoses and silicone interfaces – FINISHED


…in random order: epoxy primer paint job: quarter berth, foredeck hatch, cleaning and grinding of internal steel structure, SIKAFLEX job at chain plates and deck beams, epoxy keel bolt injections, replacement of 6V battery of ACR COB bouy, 230V shore power-hook up, building of NEMA plug-in adapter, internal cabling with socket, 2300 Watt test-run successfully completed, instrument frame for new SIGNET SmartPak 250 SL instrument, 4 additional protective leather covers for turnbuckles, etc., etc…of course we never forgot idle time, barbeque, sports and always fun!