31 New Horses

The „Eisenschwein“ has to go…

Finally in 2014 Frank planned to make his first summer holidays with his wife and their 3 kids onbaord Rolling Stone. Everything was well prepared…Rainer helped him with the launch into the water and they both wanted to make the first trials with the engine and especially the gearbox in the port basin of Braunschweig. Surprinsingly the engine started without any problems (but much more smoke) and the mooring lines were released. Then he tried to engage the forward gear but: NOTHING HAPPENED and then reverse: it was just the same. The gearbox didn’t work at all…after all the time which was spent for it. Of course Frank re-checked everything but could not find any mistakes. The only way was to lift the boat out of the water again. The family holidays had to be canceled. Of course Frank was furious about that. He called me shortly after Rolling Stone was lifted out of the water and we made a radical but consequent decision: rip out the whole engine plus shaft train and replace it by a brand new motor with saildrive. This should be the last time the WESTERBEKE and its unfortunate periphery hazarded and disappointed us.

The same day Frank began to work on this major project. I was stuck in South-West Germany and could not help him. Besides my job I was facing serious health problems and private issues. Therefore the preparations were carried out by Frank alone and I joined him for the assembly of the new engine and further work. Finally, we did the first trials with our new SOLE MINI. Starting from Travemünde Frank was finally able to make his first family holidays onboard Rolling Stone – Yeah!