Deck (continued)

Deck Restoration continues

One of the many advantages of having Rolling Stone in Kiel at the Dick Shipyard is that you could rent a cozy place in their workshop. And this was exatly what we did. No more work in the open and no more worries about rain, sun or frost 🙂 Yeah! During our two-week session we made good progress compared to our open-air sessions in Braunschweig, which were often bitterly interrupted by the weather. As you see on the photos, we gave the starboard side of the deck exactly the same treatment as the foredeck in 20192020. We disassembled all deck fittings, except for the stanchion supports, cause they were already subject of a past restoration. After removal of the old paint & filler and layers of GRP the naked mahogani plywood became visible. Afterwards everything was re-coated with at least two layers of glass fibre & 2K epoxy resin, AWLFAIR lightweight fairing compund, two layers of epoxy primer and three to four layers of white 2K PU deck paint (RAL9010). Laminating involved some troubles this year. For some reasons which we still can not explain the curing of the epoxy resin went much too fast (no, not too much hardener!), so we almost had to perform a nightshift to finish the job wet-in-wet. And then we recognized that we hadn’t had enough glass fibre…Fortunately some guys of the yard helped us out although the shop was actually closed. For the final paint job with anti-slip paint, we once again produced professional ORAMASK stencils for all the deck fittings. Never want to miss this cutting machine again…The assembly of the new toe rail and the existing swimming ladder supports was quite challenging, but we managed to finish everything within our estimated time of two weeks. Last but no least we applied five layers of varnish to the wooden borders of the cabin.