Time to Work

2004 – 2005: Leakage, Grinding and Epoxy…

After the transit to Germany in 2003, Frank and me planned to have some sailing fun the following year, but obviously Rolling Stone had „suffered“ during the frosty winter period, where she was out of the water of course. In fact nothing bad had happened. Rolling Stone had just recovered from the humid climate of Scotalnd and had dried, which was, by the way, really necessary.  However, the wood, especially the beam structure below the waterline, had shrinked considerably and after putting Rolling Stone back into the water the leakage was simply unacceptable. In our opinion a cold-molded construction should be as dry as a „plastc“ boat. Therefore we canceled sailing, took machines in our hands and started grinding the underwater hull at the suspicious areas. Then we let the hull dry for another year. The last step was to fill the „cracks“ and fissures and put glass over wood, everything based on epoxy resin (of course).

After one year of drying, the wood has shrinked considerably and „cracks“ and fissures occurred. These were filled with epoxy filler and the whole grinded area was then coated with glass and epoxy resin. Now, 2017, I can say, that this work was absolutely worth the trouble. Since then, there was no water intake through this surface anymore.