The Model Ship

Little Rolling StonE

In Feb. 2018 Robby sent me a picture of a model ship of Rolling Stone. I was really speechless, because I didn’t even know that this model existed. It was built by Robbys friend Dr. Robert “Bob” Alderson in the late nineties. In the following excerpt from Robbys email you’ll find some further information about the model and its builder:
“…The model was made by Doctor Robert „Bob“ Alderson. He was a full time MD, a prominent local sailor, and like me, a member of the Cruising Club of America. He built a number of models for friends using the original plans for the vessel. A number of his models are displayed in local yacht clubs. Bob had Parkinson’s disease. He had a very noticeable shake in his hands and arms, but when he built his models for some reason, he stopped shaking. He passed away about 10 years ago. The model was very exact except for two things. The rudder should not be cut off at the bottom and the cabin should have more of a slope at the front…”

And to top it all, Robby and Dolores decided to send us the model as a gift. I would have never imagined that, what a big honor for us! I’m still touched by this gesture! In the meantime “Little Rolling Stone” as I named her, has arrived here in Germany and she’s got an excellent and exposed location in my living room – where I can always see her. It’s indeed an excellent piece of work, very detailed and gracefully built. I am still excited about it. And big thanks once again to Robby and Dolores!
Based on Robbys suggestions I added a nice illumination and the name „Rolling Stone“ at the transom. Further I plan to build a base and have a brass plaque made.