the start – Sunny but Breezy

Sailing 2020 was kind of different compared to the years before. On the one hand there was the omnipresent pandemic of course and on the other hand it was clear that our crew would change quite often with Rainer and me being the permanent members. Also this year our trip would not end in Braunschweig, because they kicked out all pleasure vessels, so we were able to leave the ship at the coast in Kiel. This is more expensive but saves us approximately 10 days of canal tour back and forth under pure motor power.
Our trip started in Eckernörde with a beautiful sun shining from above. Frank and family left Rolling Stone after 3 weeks of  great sailing with a heavy heart.For my part I was curious to find out, if and how the new 130% jib would fit (and work), so almost immediately after our arrival we hoisted the brand new jib for the first time. To my horror the jib didn’t furl, a clear sign that the luff length was too short. So we experimented with different lenghts of rope to extend the luff, but still to no avial.
After several attempts we gave up, very frusteted of course and decided to have a sailmaker do the job in Großenbrode, our next destination. I have to admit that the jib issue was following us like a dark cloud almost the whole holidays.
However the next day we left Eckernförde heading East. Due to the eastern breeze we were sailing close-hauled and mercilessly this revealed all the weaknesses of the old jib. In Großenbrode we got stucked due to very strong Eastern wind with 7-8 Bft, although the sun was shing beautifully. On the other hand Rainer and I had no interest in beating Rolling Stone some 60 miles across the Lübeck Bight tacking against the wind to Warnemünde, where we intended to pick up Jens and Finn (Jens oldest son). So we just stayed in Großenbrode for 2 more days and enjoyed the beach, the landscape and the cool atmosphere – and of course our favourite Greek restaurant „ATHEN“ 🙂

A weekender with diana

Finally we were able to leave Großenbrode, heading further east to Warnemünde / Hohe Düne to pick up Jens and Finn – yeah! We were really happy! Another good news was, that Diana also wanted to join us for a weekender  Curtly we decided to sail to Rostock the next day to make things easier for her to enter the ship. In Rostsock City Habor we were also greeted by Leif, Thore and Juliane + children. I have never seen Rolling Stone with so many people on-board, which was quite a sight.