Diane Beeston

I’m always delighted finding mails from Robby, the former owner of Rolling Stone, in my email account. Although we are exchanging some news here and there our contact is more or less irregular. This time he surprised me with some great news. First, was a high-quality picture of Rolling Stone, taken 1980 by famed yacht photographer Diana Beeston for a yacht magazine (see below). In the meantime I contacted John Whitsett, who was the owner of Rolling Stone to the time the picture was taken. Surprisingly he remembered this moment very well:
“ Yes, I remember the picture well and it was on the cover of Sea Magazine. We had just rounded a mark and things didn’t go quite as planned and then someone said: „Shit, I just heard a camera click“
and we saw Diane right behind us.“

Photo Credit: Diane Beeston

Second, and that’s the real sensation he sent me a picture of a model ship of Rolling Stone! I was really speechless, because I didn’t even know that this model existed. It was built by Robbys friend Dr. Robert “Bob” Alderson in the late nineties based on the original plans.

Builder: Dr. Robert Alderson

And to top it all, Robby and Dolores decided to send us the model as a gift. What a great honor! In the meantime “Little Rolling Stone”, as I named her, has safely arrived here in Germany. Of course she has got an excellent and exposed location in my living room –where I can always see her!
It is an excellent piece of work, very detailed and gracefully built! Please check The Model Ship to admire the great work of Dr. “Bob” Alderson and to get further information about the model and its builder! Big thanks once again to Robby and Dolores!

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